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Premium projects for Liine Lemur

Benjamin Zecker

Thanks to the guys at artsUNMUTED for their custom template!
Their work saved me countless hour of programming, and looked far better aesthetically than I'd ever be able to achieve myself. On top of that their visual/text directions were perfect. ."

Karol Obara

qbgrid is very helpful for speeding up the process and fully customizable. Przemek is also a great guy and I support him and his creations for Lemur. He is 100% committed to those Lemur templates and always ready to answer any questions regarding setup or programming."

endeavour dynamic audio

I'd like to say how wonderful qbV2 is a real master piece, you really are a Lemur GOD."

Steven Richard Davis

"reCHORDER is outstanding… I am very, very impressed."

Mike via Gearslutz

"Dowloaded it today and I have to say it's a truly well thought out piece of work that's streets ahead of the Mackie Control type templates. Had a bit of a play with it in the studio and once I'd correctly set my MIDI ports (as clearly detailed in the manual) it worked perfectly with Cubase."

Christopher by email

"These templates have really improved and simplified my workflow. The Cubase template is absolutely amazing! It was also very helpful for a new person like me working with Cubase, to provide the track archives, expression maps and remote setup files to save me all the work. All of the templates proved to be more helpful than I originally thought! Thanks for the awesome templates and being so supportive and responsive Przemek, keep them coming!"
Guy Allison

(spontaneuous email after purchase)
"First off, let me compliment you, sincerely, on your template "reCHORDER". I have 50 years of music appreciation, study and theory behind me, but I "LOVE" when something like this comes along. So, bravo..."

Scott from Stranded On the Planet

"I used it for a few hours today, and this thing has a LOT of depth....pretty amazing. I have been waiting for a dedicated Nuendo app for years, and this seems to be the frontrunner. And with the news of adding support for other software, I can see this becoming another appendage in the everyday studio setup."

Ed via Gearslutz

"this is a truly wonderful way of controlling cubase. I'm loving it"

Sathy via email

"What a great template for Cubase ! thanks Przemek :)"

Ryan Scully

"I recently switched to Studio One as I needed more flexibility and efficiency with my DAW. arts|UNMUTED x1 turns a great DAW into a brilliant DAW. The template maximizes Studio One's potential and raises the bar very high for iPad DAW controllers - There is simply nothing else like this anywhere!"

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