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reCHORDER is a powerful MIDI instrument with the smart 3-octave keypad as its center piece. It triggers chords based on inversion and chord type selection. Any of 8460 chords are just three touches away - simply select the desired inversion, chord type and press the note on the keypad. For convenience, the keypad is color-coded and reacts to octave settings. Each key is named according to root note and scale selection (234 scales available).
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reCHORDER has been designed with modern music production workflow in mind. It features velocity, CC1 and CC7 sliders that are indispensable while working with virtual instruments and sample libraries. Moreover, you can sculpture your chord by defining separate velocity values for individual notes in the chord or even sending each note to different MIDI channel with different CC1 and CC7 settings. It means you can create chords that spread across different instruments and timbres!
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reCHORDER features a advanced memory system that let you store chords in 16 memory banks. The system memorizes and displays the name, inversion and the type of the chord which makes it a breeze to use. You can define what parameters you want to recall. For example, you can only recall velocity, inversion and chord type values or the full chord together with MIDI channel settings. You can also turn the keypad into 16 oversized pads with your stored chord progression! Moreover, you can store your progression for future use as a Lemur project directly on your iPad.

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