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metapad is a multitouch gesture-based DAW controller that enables you to interact with Logic X Pro, Cubase/Nuendo or StudioOne with over 100 easy-to-learn gestures like single touches, double touches, movements and swipes with one, two, three and four fingers.
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Metapad is shipped with a predefined set of assignments. However, you can easily reassign each gesture and link it to one of hundreds of commands in your DAW directly on your iPad. Creating your custom gesture setup is very easy. All DAW commands are grouped in function categories that reflect key commands groups in your digital audio workstation.
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Gesture oriented workflow gives you several advantages: you don’t have to turn your eyes from the computer screen to look at your iPad to trigger a command with a button; gesture-oriented workflow prevents from RSI; once learned gestures are much faster and intuitive than buttons.

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At the moment, we offer metapad for Cubase/Nuendo, StudioOne and Logic X Pro.
metapad, as complex as it is, takes only 7% of Lemur memory so it means that you can easily use it with other projects. qb v2.5 is a huge project that takes over 96% of available Lemur memory which means that you can't use it simultaneously with metapad on the same iPad. However, when you remove the mixer module from qb v2.5, metapad will be a perfect addition to the edit module in qb v2.5. Ideal scenario is qb v2.5 on one iPad, and metapad on the second one.
Unfortunately, we had to leave them out because Generic Remote engine appears to have limitation regarding the number of commands. Overtime we exceeded 1026 commands, Cubase crashed, so we had to exclude some commands - we decided to leave out score editor commands. If you need these commands, email us and we can create a custom project for you.
Soon we will release other gesture-enabled modules that will form a larger, cohesive composing and mixing environment named metasystem. We will
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LAST UPDATED: 04/06/2014
COMPATIBILITY: Lemur 5.03, Cubase 8, Logic X, Studio One v3
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